"History says this has to be good"
- Pete Best, Herald Sun.

Field, See & Mason

Field, See & Mason is a mini-Commonwealth of music.  

Lindsay Field (NZ), Sam See (Australia), and Glyn Mason (UK) have been singing and playing together and separately in some of Australia's biggest acts. Their stellar harmony blend and inventive acoustic rock guitar arrangements deliver a high energy musical experience.

Their latest collaboration, Down Under The Covers breathes new life into some of Australia's favourite hit songs from Midnight Oil to Divinyls to Paul Kelly to AC/DC featuring Sam's rearrangements and the powerful harmony blend of the three.  

Down Under The Covers is their live show and the title of their CD, recorded and filmed over two nights before a live audience. They debuted the  CD on 2016's successful Cruise 'n' Groove appearances which saw them invited to play on a UK music cruise in May 2018, where they connected resoundingly with a mostly English audience. They were firm favourites with the musos and the audiences on the Australian Rock The Boat cruise in 2018 and 2019. 

The trio is currently starring in The Wilbury Sessions which celebrates the short-lived but magical trajectory of the Traveling Wilburys which has received standing ovations on the theatre circuit.

Grab the chance to see them live soon.

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