Welcome to Field, See & Mason. We are three longtime friends, Lindsay Field, Sam See & Glyn Mason. We met touring Australia and as soon as we started singing together we locked into a vocal blend we jokingly call The Mounties It's always a joy.


https://pardoners.com.au/shows for full details


Fri Jul 8 FSM @ arcobar


Sun Jul 10 FSM @ The Rising Sun 



Wilbury dates are upcoming later in July


Full show details @  https://pardoners.com.au/shows


Wilbury Sessions shows may resume -we will post gigs here as they come to hand.

 Contact us at info@fieldseemason.com

 Most recently we were featured in The Wilbury Sessions, a stage show which has been selling out in Victorian theatres. We have combined forces with Adrian Scott, Angus Burchall and Paul Cartwright to make one hell of a band playing songs by the Traveling Wilburys and by the stars from that band. 

We also work as an acoustic trio playing our repertoire of reimagined Australian classics.  Sometimes we do gigs with the aforementioned band doing that repertoire.

Glyn & Sam play together as The Pardoners, more focussed on their original songs.

 A varied diet...