Welcome to Field, See & Mason. We are three longtime friends, Lindsay Field, Sam See & Glyn Mason. We met touring Australia and as soon as we started singing together we locked into a vocal blend we jokingly call The Mounties. It's always a joy.


https://pardoners.com.au/shows for full details


Sat Aug 27 FSM @ arcobar


Sun Sep 11 FSM @ Dromana Bowls Club


Full show details @  https://pardoners.com.au/shows


 Contact us at info@fieldseemason.com

We work as an acoustic trio playing our repertoire of reimagined Australian classics.  Sometimes we do gigs with the Wilbury Sessions band doing the Oz repertoire. 

Glyn & Sam play together as The Pardoners, more focussed on their original songs.

Recently we were featured in The Wilbury Sessions, a stage show which has been selling out in Victorian theatres. We have combined forces with Adrian Scott, Angus Burchall and Paul Cartwright to make one hell of a band playing songs by the Traveling Wilburys and by the stars from that band. 


 A varied diet...